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7 ways to a calm wedding morning

By Tea and Trim, Sep 22 2018 06:08PM

Don't let those pesky nerves get the better of you on your wedding day. Here are some tips to help you have a calm and relaxed start to your day."

A  moment of calm
A moment of calm

1. Plan Ahead

If you think you may be nervous on your wedding day, plan ahead. Enjoy some pamper time and some early nights on the week leading up to your big day. On the day taking a few moments in silence to gather your thoughts is really helpful so schedule in a little time where you can be on your own or with a close friend / family member if you'd prefer. Stock up on herbal teas for the morning, both peppermint and camomile are really calming choices or you could buy Bach's Rescue Remedy I always carry a little bottle with me if our brides need it, it really helps to relax, get focused and quickly brings the needed calmness.

2. Play

Why not create your own playlist for your wedding morning? Many brides regret not doing this. You could playlist all your favourites or a chill out compilation that will help you keep your cool. Stay away from any tracks that will send you heading for the tissue box though, you don't want to walk down the aisle with puffy eye! If you will be getting ready at a hotel or your venue remember to pack your ipod and something to play it on, although if all else fails an iphone in a glass actually works.

3. Tight Squeeze

Can you step into your dress ok? This is something you'll need to consider. If it's going to be a tight squeeze and you'll need to pull your dress over your head then you will need to put your dress on before hair and make-up. Ask your hair and make-up artist to provide a gown to protect your dress from any hairspray or make-up spills.

4. Switch Off

Consider turning your phone on silent or switching off social media notifications for the day, time always goes by so fast on a wedding morning. This way you can keep your focus on you, those close to you and most importantly that special person you are about to marry.

5. Sticky Situation

Cut any labels out of dresses and accessories before the day, and remember to remove those terribly sticky labels from the bottom of your wedding shoes, you may need to soak the labels to remove them completely so you really don't want to waste time doing this on the wedding morning.

6. Hang Up

Hang up your dress first thing in the morning, your photographer will want to take photos when they arrive. It's also helpful to take your shoes out of their box and have all accessories laid out ready for when you need them, running around last minuet looking for earrings is never fun.

7. Eat Breakfast

Can't stress how important it is to eat something on your wedding morning. With all the excitment and emotions of the day, you need to start with a breakfast to help keep you going. Even if you can't stomach a large breakfast something light will really help, a little toast or a breakfast bar will work miracles.

Finally try to remember that it's completely normal to be a little anxious on your wedding day and accepting this can really help, try to enjoy single moment, even those nervous ones.

If you have any tips we would love to hear them!

Written by: Hair and Make-up artist Nicola Johnson at

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